30 Days of Glo




Your small daily habits are what create the health in our body.  It’s the little things that overtime make the difference. 30 Days of Glo is your compounded effort that keeps you glo-ing day after day as you align to your life’s purpose. 

A healthy and glo-ing you starts here! This bundle features three of our most popular products that are loaded with benefits both inside and out:

Eucalyptus Mint Hair Oil: A special blend of 9 nutrient rich oils, to promote hair growth, reduce split ends, and benefit overall hair health.Ultra Vita Women’s: A glowing blend of antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and minerals that have been especially formulated to support the active yoginiProbiotics – 40 Million: High power. 40 Billion CFUs to  Balance The Friendly Bacteria in Your Digestive System

You’ll also receive a month of yoga at Om At Home  (a $49.90 value) featuring 50+ Yoga Classes on Demand. PLUS receive the daily glo regime of Julie, founder of 3Sixty Glo. 

For a limited time you SAVE $15, you can get the 30 Days of Glo Bundle for $64 (originally $79).


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