Glo Bundles

Our best selling products bundle together to work in unison for you.

Glo Bundle one

30 Days of Glo

A healthy and glo-ing you starts here! This bundle features three of our most popular products that are loaded with benefits both inside and out:



  • Eucaluptus Mint Hair Oil
  • Ultra Vita Women’s
  • Probiotics – 40 Million

Glo After the Dark

Sometimes life breaks us open. We get the full human experience of heartbreak and defeat. You are safe, you are held, you are supported. It’s time to shine again! Every inch of you.  Glo After the Dark is your self-care bundle designed to reactivate the magic within. 



  • Max Detox
  • Cbd Gummies 
  • Anti Anxiety Formula 
Glo Bundle 2
Glo Bundle 3

Out Like the Lights

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to your wellness? This bundle will put you out like the lights to get your beauty sleep! Sleep will align you to formless part of you as the true self, which is creative, stable, loving, and courageous. It’s within each and every single one of us. Sleep is an intrinsic part of, of really feeling peaceful in your life and really feeling joyful in your life, which is why we’re offering this bundle. 



  • Resto – Night Time Recovery 
  • Cbd Muscle Cream 
  • Sleep Formula 

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The Glo Getter Bundle works synergistically so you can achieve your goals, all while attaining a beautiful, healthy glo on the inside and out.



  • African Mango Liquid Burn
  • Joint Flex
  • Cbd Muscle Cream
Glo Bundle 4
3Sixty Glo